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2008-2016 Drawing Memories & Let's draw a simple manga page! ☆

*after 5 months*

Minna, good morning or..whatever :3 
I decided to post something that incluades few introduction of bands/Vocaloid stuffs.
m-i-y-a-k-o-t-a-i-m-u  w w w

   Also, someone asked me if my next articles are in English..? I'll write English because you guys don't know, I've readers from other countries as well. ( Specially from Russia, United States, Germany and Japan) It is the another thing what I couldn't get but..Thank you. :O Then, I'll do it (*^ω^) 

I like drawing and I've drawn since I'm 8! I treasure them.So, each year (2008-2016) has its own file :')

Let's check old ones X'D
Probably it is my first anime drawing :')
Well, probably I was studying proverbs when I was little lolol Powerpuff! ww

They are from my first anime "Sekai no Saigo no Oujo-sama" I still work on this so..I'll post about it soon.This drawing is from 2011

What was I doing omg
   I know they are so creepyy *laughs*  Probably, I started to improve in 2012. . .

From 2012! :3




I wish I could take a video but my camera is not good enough to take so..Please..Nah it! ww

They are the material for page~ You need rulers to draw squares or any precise lines. I also have ruler for circles, it works while I'm drawing speech bubbles! Other materials are..Kuretake ZIG drawing pens and pencil,eraser bla bla :V

They were two pens so I'm going to explain their differences. 01 is thinner than 02 so I use it while I'm drawing details.

Oh yes... First, you should plan the layout of the page. It is messy plan but it works~ You should plan the storyline of the page and place simply. So you won't consider much on page.

You should leave a blank from above. (Mine is 0,5 cm) Do it for sides too. And draw your square.
And complete the other squares as your page layout.

You can see circle ruler's function. Bubbles~
And do not afraid to draw bubbles or any details on lines, it is just a draft! :3

Layout of the page is okay ! Let's draw characters >:3 

The page's draft is okay!! :3 Now, you should pass over the "certain" lines. For example you shouldn't pass over the lines that are in speech bubbles etc. You'll erase them soon. (*^^*)
Oh and..Drawing a clasroom is not that easy. You should know perspective rules! 
For classroom... perspective class room  This video may help you~

Please use the ruler while pass over the certain lines too. ^^


Sadly, scan the page with good quality effects is not that possible, if you don't have a graphics tablet or a good software. Manga Studio EX 5 is great software !! I haven't but I would like to try ^^ I just wanted to share simple hints with amateurs as me ( ;   ;) But..Although you can find better tutorials on YouTube or any website. *sobs*

You can paint only by this way if you don't have enough pens..As you see, it doesn't work. :')


Thank you for reading! <3

I'll come back with my manga projects! "Sekai no Saigo no Oujo-sama" & "Ai no Senritsu"

Bye bye !

20 Eylül 2015 Pazar

From Miyako's Camera ; 2015

Hello everyone~ ( ゚▽゚)/
Long time no see.How are you?
Today, I'll write smth about this summer~ To be honest, 2015's summer was not that great but I went to great places! Although, I'll start in line.

I started with Japanese lessons! This class is JIKAD's class. JIKAD is association in my city. Members all interested in Japanese culture and sometimes they organize activities!

I was sitting in the front row, small but cute class (´`)
For example, this photo from last year. They were origami&Japanese lessons also i got Hiragana stickers too~
By the way...

Soon, Ramadan started. We fast during this month so I stopped activities and went to theaters "every" night.Last week of July, I went to Black Sea Region w/ family!

You can see where is that region.East of my country.This region is veryy veryy green and natural.I'll show (ω) No, I didn't use that red line, I just wanted to show its location.

Here is Abant Lake.Actually, view was looking much better than photo ( ; w ;)
And Safranbolu!

Safranbolu houses has interesting architecture.Today, they used as museum and guest houses.If you'll go there, you can see many Asian tourists! And this region is famous for "saffron" . 

It's the saffron flower ^^ People use this flower as parfume and spice.And to Turkish delights!

Safranbolu has big baazar.You can find traditional stuffs here but I think most interesting things are copper processings! And..Uh..Too hot!! (>__<)

Next stop,Samsun! Statue of Atatürk! He's former of Turkey Repuclic and this statue is present to him as "statue of honor". ^^

Next stop,Trabzon! I loved Trabzon's Maçka district so much! We stayed here!

The hotel's surrounding was quite green.

People grow farmed fishes in that pools.

Bean fields are common here!!
After breakfast, we went to Sumela Monastry!

Along the road, you watch nature :3

Reach to monastry is not easy,you have to walk a bit long way.Also it is good advantage to take photos~ 
And arrived!

First chapel in the world is also here too!

Access hatch of chapel

And walls..That pictures covers wall.Every picture symbolising some of important events of born of Christianity.I think you are wondering "Where are miniatures's faces?" Before conservation, religious rebels tried to destroy chapel's walls.In their opinion "Drawing picture is sin." :/

And this is Atatürk's Mansion's garden~

Here is the mansion~ Beautiful, isn't it? ^^

Oh, I couldn't pass this lake.Its name is "Uzungöl" . Arabic tourists were too crowded,I even thought all tourist were Arabic lol

-Next day-

Noww...One of my favourite place is comingg!!!

Isn't it great! God,I wanna visit there asap!!
Last stop was ...
Our trip to Georgia was daily trip so we visited Batumi.

We passed the border crossing, but it was literally chaos!! It took more than 2 hours! 
Although we arrrived to Batumi~

Apraros Castle.Sadly,we ouldn't enter to castle but what makes it important..Matthias, one of Jesus' 12 apostles' grave in the castle.

Interesting gas station o.o

Poseidon statue!!! (*---*)

Theater and opera hall ^^ Actually Batumi's folk is not rich but this hall shows people's respect to art :)

View of Batumi from cable car...

Batumi is famous for gamble houses,pear juices and hotels. (^^)/ Georgia's currency is "lari".Its name is very similar to our currency, "lira." :D  Many stores,buildings were Turkish.You could speak Turkish here.It made me suprised, I didn't expect it. 
This five-star hotel is popular too.
Well,its mark is "Bakuriani" lolol

Everyone was saying that Batumi looks prettier in the evening but you know it was daily trip so we came to Turkey~ And home~

After trip,I was in my city,İzmir again.

But we spend our time at our summer house.
It is in "Çandarlı". Çandarlı is peninsula.

This photo is not taken by me, I just wanted to show around peninsula. ^^ 

Our beach's view.But you absolutely should see Pissa beach!!

Did you see this blue? (*-*)

Yes..For now,that is all. I hope you had fun and learn smth. Actually i didn't give much info..Already, photos tell everything! ^^ Thanks for your attention!
If you'll come to Turkey, please visit them ^^ 
Good night!
See you next time :)